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Screen printing has come a very long way from its earliest forms. "Old school” printing in its most basic form was similar to what is still the standard today: a design is created to depict an idea or a business and the design is inked onto a shirt and left to dry. The result is a beautiful, clean and exciting representation of your design in a wearable form. Where some companies have moved to a more direct to garment style of printing involving sophisticated ink jet style printers that feed shirts instead of paper, we find that this doesn't provide our customers the best service. Simply put, it would keep your quantities low and your price per item high. Come in and see how we do it, and why basic screen printing remains your most vibrant and effective option. Remember, Sunrise Screen Printing accepts not only your ideas but also your own artwork and designs. Bring us what you have and we'll assist in getting it ready for application to a shirt or other garment. If you don't have a design in mind or you are having problems determining just how to make your dream into a screen printed final product, don't hesitate to ask. We can step right in with a customized design for you. You would be amazed at just how professional we can make even the most basic idea look. The result is a piece of clothing you'll be proud to wear. Screen printing is ideal for the traditional method of wearing great designs or logos in a simple manner. Screen printing is easy and can be represented in a wide variety of hues and choices while not breaking your budget. It is easy to see why traditional screen printing will remain a popular option for individuals and companies interested in providing large amounts of exciting apparel to market their company and/or products. Remember, screen printed t-shirts are not only for individual use and design. They can make perfect presents for a special message to a special friend. Groups and clubs can come up with a fun design to be able to share at their events and trips. Sports teams can find an affordable and exciting way to create their own uniforms, and with the added savings can design home and away gear as well. Having a birthday party or other fun event? T-shirts commemorating the get together can be perfect gifts to share and remember in the future. Feel free to come in and see our large range of colors and apparel choices, or just give us a call to start planning your next design.


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